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Rappers- The Christmas Mentality All Year Long!


If you want to receive you have to give

Hi I’m Cee the producer aka Bmore Ditty and I want to share a story with you to give you a perspective on why “giving” is so important and why it will help you “receive” more here goes my story about the Christmas mentality.

I ran into my neighbor and my neighbor said that if I wanted something to smoke to holler back.

It’s cool because I do smoke a little weed every now and then but I told my neighbor that I was ok. My neighbor then stated if I knew someone that wanted some to let them know, and that’s perfectly fine because I know plenty of people who blow the “Cheba” so I confirmed the request with okay I can knock on your door if I hear something.

My neighbor then acknowledged my request. While we were talking I told my neighbor I have a cigar that we could use to smoke now. Then my neighbor left my request in the air with laughter my neighbor didn’t say no or yes my neighbor just walked back in the house.

I did not feel bad but I don’t like it when people can’t answer my question, because they can just say no.

I understand the laws and how they apply to us as humans so I went in my house and to myself started to reflect.

I understood that my neighbor could sell a lot of weed just by making sure i’m ok alone, I understood at that moment how giving will allow you to get more. This is a classic example because if my neighbor would have given me what I asked for my neighbor could have gotten what they were looking for quicker, right?

I immediately begin to compare these principles to my life, I said to myself how could my neighbor want me to do something to benefit my neighbor but my neighbor can not fulfill a simple request that I have, I did not understand.

What I forgot to mention was in the first place when my neighbor told me I let my neighbor know that I buy weight but I don’t sell it.

Even if my neighbor did not get any immediate gratification my neighbor could have came back and got it on the back end.

These are all of the thoughts that went on in my mind within a two minute span.

Just as I begin to do something else and get my mind away from it, my neighbor knocked on my door and fulfilled my request.

Everything that I was thinking before that request was fulfilled went out the window.

Now I understand when you make someone else happy they want to go out of their way to help you the same way to make you happy. The same way that I wanted to help my neighbor because my neighbor did something for me that I wanted.

I wanted something to smoke for free and in return my neighbor wanted help selling the weed.

My neighbor gave me something that would motivate me to help because there might be a time in the future when I really don’t have it and need some weed.

Even if my neighbor didn’t know leverage was used just by giving me a free bag.

That is powerful. Those same principles can be used by you as an artist for your music.

If you give your fans something that they appreciate, it will motivate them to fulfill whatever request you want granted.

It’s a simple principle and really does not require a technical detailed explanation.

If you give you will receive.

We are in a people’s business and we need people to get to whatever next level that we’re trying to get to.

In that same way, people will need us to get to the next level in their life or business.

That is why networking is so important, because it’s about building a foundation of people who help you with your business, and like in my story above they would love to help you.

Be inspired by this message to go find people to give something to.

They will really appreciate it and it will help you grow faster

This is Cee the producer signing out.

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