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Are You A Superstitious Rapper


If you leave it up to Stevie Wonder you are superstious if you havent made an attempt to go out there and pay your dues, meaning understand what it is you are doing and supposed to do.

To many artists now days think they know what they are talking about before they go out and get the education they need to understand what they truly should talk about.

This article is not about bashing artists. Im a producer so I love artists and before I produced music I was a hip hop fan so the artists is the shit in my opinion. My purpose is to get the attention of artists who know they dont know it all, and want to learn something new and different then what they already have been learning.

Stevie Wonder said when you believe in things that you dont understand then you suffer from superstition. If you look at world issues you can see where the statement from the lyrics have truth and it relates to you as an artist.

Lets use the contrast of religion because its the most simple way for anyone to understand. Plenty of people out there in the world celebrate their religious beliefs by going to church on Sunday. Do you think they really know why they do this? For the most part they do it because everyone else does it, its practice and has been tradition before our lives began here on earth in year 2015.

How many people do you think sat down and said “why do we go to church on Sunday?” Probably not many of them and the fact is that they are just religious followers. They do it because everyone else does it and everyone else doesn’t even know why they do it. Those type of people dont understand it, how can they truly believe something they have no knowledge about? As a producer I see plenty of artists out there who have the same type of mindset concerning there music. They do it because everyone else does it, it looks cool but they dont understand it even a little bit. This is religion to them but to me and Stevie Wonder its operating off superstition. They believe it will work if they do what everyone else does, but they dont understand what everyone else does, or they dont understand the process that everyone should be taking.

With religion for instance: in case you didnt know church was supposed to be celebrated on the sabbath day, which if traced back to the meaning in ancient times was the word that they used for Saturday. If you are truly religious you go by what the religion says and not by what people do. With your music its a similar concept, everyone is doing what the next person does, no one is reading the manual to see what it says. They just following all the spammers. Understanding is experience, knowledge, wisdom and with understanding comes consistency. Dont take my word for look at you own life to see the patterns. When you learned how to drive a car you became an expert and then you didnt follow anyone any more, you didnt look to the next follower for guidance. You jumped in the driver seat and sped past all the followers. With the understanding of driving you gained the experience of driving which gave you the knowledge to know how to drive which gave you a feel for the vehicle and made you wise as to what power a car has. This article can help you with your mindset because you or me dont know it all no matter how much we learn. If you dont know it then your superstitious and its time to go learn it. What happened on the first christmas? Superstitious people say they do it for their kids but in the history of it kids were getting raped and murdered on christmas as a way to celebrate the holiday, and only the rich knew about it. Whether they know it or not they are superstitious because they are following something they have no clue about.

Professionals know what they are doing. As a music artist you want to let people know that you know what you are doing. You dont want to be guessing what is working or not in your music career because you need all the time you can get if your going to be paid for it.

Dont believe what you read and see once, because thats following, instead read more than one thing about the same topic and bring the similarities together. Thats analyzing and coming up with your own conclusion, the opposite of following. The info is out here, you just got to use your time wisely to find it.

Dont be a superstitious artist posting your music links thinking your going to get good luck one day. It could happen but the chances of it happening is probably .000001 because there are millions of people online everyday that see the same superstitious folks asking them the same thing. It gets old after a couple of hours, a day or two would drive a person mad, idk just being honest.

Stick with me if you are a serious artist, and gain an understanding of how to make your music work for you with my blog post where I go over all the small stuff (big stuff to) that can help you along your way, so you can be less superstitious and more knowledgable as an artist.

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