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There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Stand Out From The Crowd- Marketing Tips For Music Artist!

Do you pride yourself as being an original artist?

Of course you do because, being a unique artist is what being an artist is all about.

Its about exposing your brand as being the trendsetting brand. Well, if your brand is similar to a well known brand people will say, “it reminds me of the well known brand”. The reason why comparisons like that happen is because the well known brand positioned itself to be the brand to do it that particular way first! Its all about being at the front of the line which is why these specific brands become leaders in their niche. Lets call it the line leader. After the leader comes the followers, and the followers twist it and change things and then call it there own, and it might be different in their sense but its not original because the leader started the original.

To be different to the extent where you get noticed is originality at its finest quality. Today everyone loves a good trap beat and they run it in the hole deep, so it becomes old and predictible. Repetitive if you will. Its not a good idea to stand out that way because everyone else is doing it. If you choose to pursue methods of this caliber it would be a wise idea to have the ability to invest to get your average product or style etc. out there in front of people looking for the same old thing. Its nothing wrong with it, but you have to be positioned to be recognized in these conditions. The upside is that there is a market readily availiable if your willing to participate in constant spending to excel your brand, whatever it may be. The downside is that you might not have the type of funding required to pursue a venture of the sort.

To seperate yourself, try things that people havent thought about trying and arent going to try because of the inability to creatively come up with ideas! I have sat for hours on end to days thinking about what makes me different from the crowd organically. Dont make yourself different, just analyze yourself to see what is already different naturally that you can use to stand out! Its simple because we all have differences but we try so hard to fit in, that we dont notice our own uniqueness. We look at our differences as flaws we need to fix so we can be more like Mike!

Standing out can be something as little as investing in education to see whats going to help you stand out. How many people do you think has taken a step so small yet so affordable. We stand out because we offer free recording time and help for artists careers. While other producers offer free beats and 99 cent beats and nothing more they get paid but no one knows about there brand. How many people do you think have downloaded those beats for 99 cent? 20 Dollars could get you whole mixtapes. Its easy and affordable and you dont have to spend hours and days to think about that decision. Its easy for everyone to do so the whole idea lacks creativity. Just paying a little more for a beat signals to everyone that these are not dollar beats and you wont hear this anywhere else but here. Other artists wont have those kind of beats if they are not serious enough to invest in them. Its marketing at the most basic level.

Take this tip to move forward from what you are used to doing and make it work. We are availiable here to give you guidance and help you along the way as a growing artist.

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